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Life Insurance : Life Insurance Calculator

While calculating your Life Insurance needs it's not how much life insurance you need, instead it's really how much money your family will need after you’re gone.

Actually it's considering about financial support in replacement of your income. How much future income will be necessary to sustain the household’s needs to support your loved ones or family? That means money to help your family cover future financial obligations such as everyday living expenses, college fees, your spouse's retirement, and so much more.

The usual advice from financial experts is that you need to buy 10 to 15 times your annual salary in life insurance. Whether you need more coverage depends on a person's current and future financial plans, or whether there has been a major life event, such as the birth of a child, since you first purchased your policy.

It's you have to decide according to your capability & calculate Life Insurance while keeping various variables in mind. Just for quick calculation here are some key costs to consider along with life insurance calculator...

Top 5 Key Costs to Consider for Survivors
  • How much annual income will survivors need
  • How long will that income be needed
  • Paying for burial, medical and counseling
  • Debt repayment
  • College education expenses
Your Age Recommended Max Available
20-30 15x 20x
31-40 15x 20x
41-50 10x 15x
51-60 7x 10x
61-65 5x 7x
66+ 3x 5x

Multiple x from selected above:
Your current annual income:

Non-working Spouse Coverage: Insurance companies use $35,000 as the income value for a non-working spouse. Use $35,000 for income and the multiple for your age group when calculating the coverage amount. Insurance coverage on a non-working spouse cannot normally exceed 50% of the coverage on the working spouse.

Note: Different life insurance coverage limits apply for estate tax planning and business life insurance coverage. For detailed information and Personalised Life Insurance do call us at: 1-800-238-4295. is the online way to plan and protect your beloved ones or family to secure them and support even after your death. We at America Integrity Insurance LLC Insured Term / Whole Life with diversified insurance solutions to fulfill your requirement at your ease. We do Specialize in Personalized Term / Whole Life Insurance Plans to fit Individual as well as Couple needs.
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